Slam Session: Krista Morin

krista Krista Morin, born in Ottawa, Ontario, is one of Canada’s fastest rising stars. She already has a pretty extensive resumé, which includes a long list of Television, Film and Theatre performances and has won the Toronto Monologue Slam! a record four times. Krista currently holds the record for most wins, most consecutive wins and highest margin of victory. This feat is even more impressive when you consider that out of the nearly 100 actors that have performed in the Toronto Monologue Slam, only seven have worn the belt.

What kid where you in high school?
Hyper, athletic and overall good student. The principal was and is a close family friend (spending summer holidays and Christmas eve together) so I was under an expected tight leash. I was also raised Irish Catholic so the guilt factor weighed in heavily.

When did you first know you wanted to become an actor?
If I could make my family and best friends laugh, then I was onto something with this character work. It wasn’t until university that it started moving into the realm of possibility.

Do you prefer acting for film or for the theatre? Why?
I love the Do or Die feeling of being on stage. Same rule applies to a set when you’re given two takes before they move on and you’re up shit’s creek. It’s a rush either way.

What has been your favorite role so far? Why?
Monologue Champ. D.U.H.

What role would you love to play that you haven’t yet?
Calamity Jane. I love westerns.

What is the scariest part of an audition?
Having dead eyes when I’ve forgotten my line.

What show could you do for years?
My own variety show with guests – like Carol Burnett

What is the strangest thing a role required you to do?
Nothing crazy yet.

Besides acting, what other training have you had (voice, dance, stage combat, etc.)?
Piano, singing, nannying

Have you experienced any real life actor’s nightmares?
Oh yeah!

Is there a particular role that got away? – A role you really wanted, but wasn’t cast in?
Most of them, but I’ve learned to move on with more ease than before. The right parts show up at the right time!

If you could choose, what three actors would you really want to work with?
Joanna Lumley (from Absolutely Fabulous), Cate Blanchett & Robert Redford (circa 1973). There are hundreds more on this list.

Who was your first famous crush?
Patrick Swayze – Dirty Dancing

What’s the worst part about being an actor?
The days when you want to throw in the towel

What’s the best part of being an actor?
The day after when you say “what the hell was I thinking?”

Why do you think so many aspiring actors end up giving up on their dream?
Leaving their fate in the hands of everyone else instead of making a plan and going with whatever variation unfolds.

What is something embarrassing or unexpected that happened to you on stage?
When asked to become a rooster and then being trumped by a Drag Queen (Jarret Wright). On the bright side, he has just signed on as the new face for MAC’s “Drag Me Crazy” cosmetics. Congratulations Jarret!

Name one thing could you blow a million dollars on?
Tuscan villa comes to mind, but I’m almost certain that would be a down payment – numbers aren’t my forte – you should see me at the gas station – ….litres/gallon means nothing. If I have $20 I’m good to go.

What is something that you know now that you wish you knew when you were first starting out as an actor?
Be yourself.

Tell us your life story in six words?
Andre This Questionnaire Was So Fun!