Reel Scenes


If you’re an actor then your success depends on showcasing your work. Most actors we encounter have the same issues:

• I need material for my demo reel.
• I need a demo reel to get an agent.
• I’ve been trying to auditing for student films or non union gigs OR
• I was cast in a student film or non union gig but don’t have any screen time.
• I just did a thing but won’t get footage for 6 months to a year.
• I have some footage but it’s not great OR
• I have footage that no longer represents where I am as an artist.
• I need a way to show that I can play a specific character.


For each dream scene we provide: DP, Sound, Light, Script Development, Basic Editing (colour correction, scoring, etc not included)
You are responsible for (although we will provide assistance): Casting, location scouting, set design, wardrobe, props, hair/makeup


• The first thing you’ll need is a solid script that tells a engaging and compelling story. It should include a good amount of dialogue for all actors featured in the film.
• We will work with you through a preliminary writing process to develop an original script.
• Create characters that you feel comfortable portraying and bring out your best work.
• DO NOT fill your script with action sequences (unless your a stunt person) or anything that takes the focus away from your acting.

Actra Members – under the DSP agreement your film must be 3 minutes or under, which = 3 to 4 pages.
Non Union – there is no limit, however your script should be under 6 minutes.


• a situation
• a conflict
• suspense
• discovery
• a resolution
• mix of drama and comedy
• characters who need something from each other


Choose a location that include:
• Relevance to the story
• Access for the duration of your shoot (including any overtime)
• Access to natural lighting
• Colourful and interesting backgrounds (limited set design. Avoid white walls)
• Access to electrical outlets
• Space to move around
• Free parking is a bonus


Choose actors you don’t mind spending a few hours with (Chemistry is everything)
All the characters in your script should be cast early and given enough time to prepare
2 to 3 major characters max (background is optional)

RATES (based on number of actors)

Solo: $350 | Duo: $450 | Triad: $600 | Quad: $750
Edit into your existing reel: $50 per reel

Includes: DP, Sound, Lighting, Editing

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