How to Book Work Now!

By Risa Bramon García and Steve Braun –

Pilot Season. Are you over it yet? Either you’ve been auditioning like crazy and are up to your eyeballs in “sides” and traffic on the 405 or you’re watching the party from the outside and struggling with the notion that your dreams aren’t coming true while time ticks steadily away. Hell, even if you booked something you can’t really enjoy it because it cost you a good-sized ulcer, and now you have to actual be as brilliant as the network demands you to be.

This is not an easy time of year. For everyone.

And because it’s not easy, actors want answers. They want to know how to crack this code, to make it less painful, less traumatic, less ulcer-inducing. Many of you are on a desperate search for “The Formula” and you fill that desperate need with acting schools, coaches, instructional videos, etc. that may or may not offer tips and tricks to cracking that code. They’ll teach you how to walk into the room, how to make the right choices, how to deal with your fear, etc. Read Full Story