Caribbean Brand Communications (CARIBRAND™) is an Award-Winning Communications Agency and Canada's leader in developing marketing and revenue strategies to clients ranging from start up companies to large corporations. Caribrand offers a full range of services to clients that include some very prestigious brands, charitable organizations, festivals, and media.

Our goal is to deliver ideas and tools that take clients to the next level and ensure they reach their business objectives. Our team can help you:

  • Increase sales and market share
  • Develop strategic marketing plan
  • Produce world class events
  • Build lasting relationships with consumers
  • Communicate with a diverse audience
  • Create a digital/online presence
  • Leverage sponsorship opportunities
  • Generate publicity and media exposure

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    Awarded "Best Virtual Marketing Campaign" - 2010

    Awarded "Sponsorship Event of the Year" - 2011

    Awarded "Outstanding Trade & Brand Execution" - 2012

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